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What is the difference between the locationType parameter options?

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Please find below a general description of each option from the locationType parameter:

servicepoint: is a business not exclusive to DHL with human operators; Kiosks are common DHL service points in Germany, for instance.

locker: also recognized as "Packstation". These are lockers with a self-service nature where the user uses the computer to withdraw or send packages. DHL workers often leave packages here for their recipients to pick up later. QR codes are commonly used to pick up or drop off packages for their later shipping.

postoffice: these are DHL-only branded points where you have multiple services. These shops are not shared with other businesses.

postbank: these refer to locations that have both a Postbank and a DHL point for shipment services.

pobox: pobox stands for p.o.box or post office box. In Germany called “Postfachanlage”; p.o.boxes are for recipient of mail. They have different special features. Learn more about p.o, box here.

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