What is a Unified API?

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Modified on: Tue, 21 Nov, 2023 at 10:44 PM

Unified APIs are our solution if you are looking for an API that covers multiple DHL Group divisions. 

The DHL Group comprises five operating divisions: Post & Paket Deutschland, Express, Global Forwarding / Freight, Supply Chain, and eCommerce.

Currently, we offer the following 2 Unified APIs in the API Developer Portal:

1) Shipment Tracking - Unified - covers the following DHL Group divisions:

  • Post & Parcel Germany (incl. mail/letter tracking)
  • DHL Global Forwarding (incl. DHL Same Day)
  • DHL Freight
  • DHL Express
  • DHL Supply Chain
  • DHL eCommerce Solutions
    • Asia-Pacific
    • US, Canada
    • EU (Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom)

2) Location Finder - Unified - covers the following DHL Group divisions: 

  • Post & Parcel Germany (incl. mail/letter tracking)
  • DHL Express
  • DHL eCommerce Solutions in EuropeEU

Although the unified APIs cover most DHL Group divisions and aggregate data from different sources, it is recommended to use the divisional APIs (i.e MyDHL, eCS EU..) for a higher level of detail and accuracy for tracking shipments, especially for users having shipments handled by one division only.  

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