Shipment Tracking Unified API

The DHL Shipment Tracking - Unified API doesn't provide much detail in the API response

Created by: Jhonathan Ibanez

Modified on: Tue, 22 Aug, 2023 at 8:47 AM

Please notice that when using the DHL Shipment Tracking - Unified API, the response misses details like detailed address, sender, and recipient information. That’s due to the GDPR rules because the Shipment Tracking - Unified API is a public API accessible by everyone.

To obtain more details, please start by adding the correct Postal Code parameter when doing the call; this is an easy security measure to reveal more information.

If you want a higher level of detail regarding shipments, please use the DHL group divisional APIs (e.g., MyDHL Express API..) that handle your shipments. You can find which APIs are available for your division in our General Knowledge Base.

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