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I want to receive all locations for a postal code/city, but the Location Finder API is only supporting max 50 locations per request. How do I know that I received all locations for a postal code?

Created by: Sitora Salieva

Modified on: Tue, 21 Nov, 2023 at 10:38 PM

The indented use case is not supported by the Unified Location Finder API.

The main purpose of the Location Finder - Unified API is to find the nearest locations for pick-up, drop-off of shipments and related services for a given geospatial point. It’s not meant to retrieve an exhaustive list of all locations in reference to a postal code.

You can retrieve nearby delivery points using the find-by-address method with postalCode and/or countryCode as query parameters. The maximum amount of returned items per call is limited by 50 locations.

We are always open to understanding new business-driven use cases to extend our portfolio. Feel free to open a support ticket and explain your use case, with the corresponding business process behind this request.

Please note that according to this API's legal terms: You shall not store and/or modify Location Data in any form; it is especially prohibited to analyze and/or derive data/information for competitive purposes from the Location Data without our prior written consent.

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