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The property "status" under "events" property has a mixed type of values, why?

Created by: Jhonathan Ibanez

Modified on: Wed, 11 Oct, 2023 at 8:46 AM

You may notice that the property status under events property has a mixed type of values. Sometimes, it is a string with underscores; sometimes, it is a plain sentence.

The response structure of the API depends on the type of shipment and the specific DHL division from where the response comes from. While the API is designed as a "Unified" solution capable of tracking shipments from most DHL branches, countries, and services, the response structure itself is not unified. This variance in structure arises due to the multiple sources we connect to retrieve tracking information.

Each of these sources has its own nomenclature and composition structure; it is also subject to constant updates, and it's more efficient for the Shipment Tracking - Unified API to replicate the response without changing the structure in one standardized way. So, the response format may be different based on the source.

We know about this inconvenience, and it has been passed to upper management for consideration of the future roadmap of the tracking topic.

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