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What is the Daily Rate Limit and Spike Arrest? How does it work?

Created by: Jhonathan Ibanez

Modified on: Tue, 29 Aug, 2023 at 3:20 PM

Rate restriction controls the quantity of incoming and outgoing network traffic. Assume you're utilizing an API for a particular service that's set to allow 250 requests per day and 1 request per second; that means that from the 251 calls per day, you will receive a 429 error message stating that you are making too many requests. In the same way, if you try to do more than 2 calls per second, you will receive the same 429 error message.

The purpose of establishing rate limitations is to improve data throughput while also increasing security by minimizing assaults. You can request a quota upgrade if you are running out of Daily Rate Limit.

How to request a Quota Upgrade: Go to the Developer Portal and log in > Go to your profile > Go to “Apps” > Click on the name of the app > Click on “Upgrade Rate Limit” > Fill out the form and submit.

Once you have used up all your daily quota, the count will reset back to zero at 24:00 GMT of the current day.

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