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I'm running out of calls; how much quota should I request for an upgrade?

Created by: Jhonathan Ibanez

Modified on: Thu, 12 Oct, 2023 at 1:46 PM

If you do direct business with DHL (you are a Vendor, a Third-Party Logistics company (3PL), or a Marketplace). Follow the next computation:

  • Take your average daily amount of DHL packages ordered per day (return tracking numbers included)
  • Multiply it by 3 (assuming it'll need three days to arrive)
  • Multiply the previous product by 10 (10 fetches a day)
  • You now have the number of Calls per day
  • Example: given 2000 DHL orders per day, you would need to request 60,000 calls/day
  • How to request a Quota Upgrade: Go to the Developer Portal and log in > Go to your profile > Go to “Apps” > Click on the name of the app > Click on “Upgrade Rate Limit” > Fill out the form and submit.
  • You will need to provide relevant information like the name of your business, website, owned DHL account numbers, and referred DHL sales contacts for processing the request.

If you are a Third-Party organization (3PV), service integrator, or related, we advise you to request your users to share their DHL API key with you. They should first create an account on our DHL Developer Portal and process a quota upgrade. We will support them in the onboarding process if needed. This is the only solution we can provide right now because your organization doesn't have direct business with DHL, and is not the owner of DHL shipping accounts. Other organizations like Shipup explain the process directly on their website:

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